Everything is big in Texas, but how often does one think about Texas drivers being bigger than normal? Well that will soon change now that the average height of the Lone Star State’s licensed drivers just grew a tad bit larger. Houston Rockets 7-6 rookie Yao Ming successfully obtained his Texas driver’s license last month and is very excited to join Houston’s enormous metro traffic population.
Wanting to acquire his driver’s license was just another step that Yao was eager to achieve.
When Yao did find the time he studied extremely hard for his driving test. His mother had already taken the test and passed, so she was able to help him out with a few of the road rules. To help ensure Yao would be ready, Pine took the rookie center out numerous times to work on his driving skills by driving around the neighborhood and sometimes in the parking lot of the Rockets practice facility.
“We took a lot of time to make sure he was ready,” Pine said. “There were some bumps in the road because it took him a little while to get used to it. However, once he went to take the test he was nervous, but everything went real smoothly. He passed it pretty easily. With his size it’s more difficult doing certain things. It’s tough to see if he gets right up on a red light, then he has to duck down and look.”
“I really want to get the James Bond 007 BMW that has all the special features,” joked Yao.

Agora troquem ‘Yao’ por ‘Ores’, ‘Pine’ por ‘Amigo do Ores’, ‘Texas’ por ‘Rio Grande do Sul’ e ‘Houston’ por ‘Porto Alegre’ e tudo ficará engraçado.

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